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Here you can take mock tests per topic.

In case after taking the test, when you press End Test, if you get any error message, follow the instructions mentioned below:
a) Press the tilde key (~) which is above the Tab key in the keyboard. You will see an XML that is generated.
b) Copy the entire XML (content of that page) and send it to, alongwith your Uttara Portal email id, Chapter No (Topic) for which you got the error. We will manually enter it into the system to reflect your score.

Thanks and lets know your feedback if you face any issues.
First 5 rank holders
Rank First Name Last Name Score Topics Taken Batch Number
1 Ashish Ranjan 35.0 6 59
2 MANJUNATHA K 34.2 6 63
3 Shashidhar Patil 34.0 6 62
4 SUNIL M S 33.7 6 66
5 Nisarga Naveen 33.6 6 62

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